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Sending a team of professionals from your head office to Asia is not only a very costly exercise, it expends valuable time, much of which is wasted trying to find the right contacts and meet with the right people. let us take those worries off your hands, when your executives do visit you can be assured that they already hit the ground running and probably only visit to sign up your first contract..

Agency Set Up & Introductions
Unless you want to go to the expense of setting up entities in every country in Asia, agency representation is a very cost effective way of maximizing your market and capitalizing on the regional growth.

Market Surveys
Not sure if Asia is the place to be, let us gather the information for you and assist in your decision. We can provide corporate and commercial information invaluable

Trade Show Representation
For budding companies new to the region, at least one trade show is considered to be a good investment, however not if you have to fly in half a dozen executives who know nothing of the region. We have provided this service successfully to our clients, it is an excellent way of testing the waters with your product or service line.

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